input_number: light_timer_minutes: name: "Light Timer" min: 0 max: 30 step: 1 Create the input boolean A “boolean” is just a fancy way to describe something with a true or false state, something that can either be on or off. See all questions about this product. Alexa, turn off the lights in the bathroom in 12th minutes Or Alexa, tell home to turn off the corner light is 53 minutes. Say "Alexa, stop alarm," to stop an alarm before it has gone off. If you have more than one active alarm, Alexa will list them for you by their time and you can select which one you would like to stop. "Set a 5 minute timer." Archived. Last night, I told Alexa to turn off backporch light about a dozen times and she kept replying there was no device called that. Example: You start a session. A few more tries and she turned off the light. I really don't like leaving the tv on all night. 3one4data (3one4) November 1, 2016, 5:56pm #3. Brilliant Sound; Easy to Use ; Listen Your Way; Brilliant Sound. I honestly wish Google home was that easy to use as you described Alexa. Or you're walking in the door after dark: "Alexa, turn on all the lights." The information Siri uses to respond to your requests will be removed from Apple servers. "Set a laundry timer for 1 hour." Select color. For example, if every morning you turn off your alarm, turn on a light, ask about the weather, and then check your calendar, you can create a single Routine that does all of that automatically, without you needing to think about it. Please keep all … Ask Alexa to disable the alarm. When setting an alarm, you can select any artist, song, album or genre you want. Answer. I want to trigger it (on) using alexa, as well as via an app (can be dedicated or SmartThings) I want the switch to turn the pump off automatically after X minutes (2 specifically) As a bonus, would be nice to also be able to have a second light/switch turn on/off when the outlet is on (maybe hue light one day to turn to specific color) This is great if you wake up 30 minutes before your scheduled routine and you want to go ahead and get the day started. Is it a ST routine /automation ? Elapses the second 5 minutes Alexa will say "20 minutes remain." 2. Possible? For traditional stereos. Select color. For your TV. My plan is to use the smart outlet to turn off the fire tv and television as when the fire tv goes to sleep, it doesn't power off and make the tv turn off because there is no input. Anonymous. It seems like it should and it should be easy. If you have multiple Alexa devices, then you need to speak to the one you want the alarm to come from. You might have to play around with the names until you find one that feels natural to you. Will behave this way, until it hits "5 minutes remain." “Alexa, turn on lights out timer” or whatever. You'll be prompted to "Turn Off Siri" with the following warning. To prevent an Alexa-enabled device to continue listening after the initial wake word trigger, go to your Alexa app > Menu > Alexa Devices > Select your device > Turn off Follow-Up Mode. You can now schedule Alexa routines to kick off at sunrise and sunset 6 easy steps to kick off an Alexa routine at sunrise or sunset… Create a new Alexa routine (click here for simple step-by-step instructions)Tap “When this happens” to choose your routine trigger (click here for helpful screenshots)Tap “Schedule” (click here for helpful screenshots) Support; Community; Contact Us; Support. An example Amazon suggests is that when you say good night to the voice assistant, it could turn off your lights and activate your preferred sleep sounds skill. If you have something to promote, this is the only board that allows it. "How much time is left?" You can stop a particular timer you have named by saying its name. Answer Save. To disable Siri on your iPhone running iOS 10, simply go to Settings –> Siri, then simply toggle off "Siri" at the top of the list. If you want a light to turn on for 30 minutes, you will have to make 2 routines. If you ask the Echo in your kitchen for an alarm, that's where it will play by default, not from the Echo in your bedroom. Just say, “Alexa, set alarm