We were a better system when you decided to go with Kittredge…, What can we do to fix this besides leaving ? The logistical challenges of the hybrid model are impossible to surmount. That is all. Otherwise she would be happily back in the classroom as well. There hasn’t been an overhaul of graduation requirements, but they do change. This is ridiculous! For some reason, it is difficult to get subs to come to the north end of the county maybe because of the distance? Decatur 94.9%  2019-2020 Calendar They had a group meeting yesterday, but nothing individual. What accounts for the difference in grad rates between DHS & CCHS? Updated: December 16, 2020 - 10:08 AM DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — DeKalb County Schools announced Wednesday its plans for students to return to the classroom in the spring semester. https://www.facebook.com/DCSDfamilyengagement/videos/232245901668399. These students also must have parents sit side by side with them to provide assistance at all times during zoom “classes”.  2018-2019 Calendar. That’s down from 25.7 on Nov. 1 and 26.4 on Oct. 1. American Legal Claim Services says they just send the checks; the deductions are a question for “legal counsel,” and they will pass along my question. * Send Staff 2-Week Return to Work Notification, January 4, 2021 Then no. Her mom used to be on the school board. . Teachers are now expected to finish this week teaching from home and then show up to the school buildings on Monday, January 4th and begin teaching from school???! DeKalb Co CTL United School District; 3326 County Rd 427, Waterloo, IN 46793; Phone: 260.920.1011; Fax: 260.837.7767; District Feedback/ Tip Line It usually takes a couple of days to set up a classroom, not 15 minutes! 20+ years teaching, but I think it’s time to move on. ”, https://theotherdunwoody.blogspot.com/2020/12/merely-adequate.html, I know that my room is nasty…still trash in wastebaskets and nothing clean…Let the sickness spreading begin…unbelieveable. She is spectacularly lightweight and clearly a harbinger of what to expect with the new regime. That is scary.  Email Board and Superintendent, 03/08/2016 – Approved Cross Keys Redistricting Plan This includes marching bands and auxiliary groups. 3) What is the metric for going back to school now? I’m done! One way to look at this by way of efficiency: more effort overwhelmed by less progress yielding less actual work. Will teachers get to decide? Either accept that or leave the teaching profession for a career that treats pregnant women like they’re humans. Who is going to make sure the students know that the schedule is changing?? It’s just so nice to know that the school district cares about their staff and students. DeKalb celebrates being LAST again. I see what you are saying, parents, about being worried about your kids falling behind in math! *eats popcorn* It’s inevitable some of you and your homes will get it. Juniors and Seniors have NOT met individually with anyone to review their requirements. So many kids are doing dismally poor with distance learning. this seems like an goal we won’t be able to achieve. @disappointed-absolutley. I am not clear on how we can have a return date and meet the two weeks under 10% positivity rate. I saw some procedures listed for teachers who want to go out on disability, but DeKalb has not been forthcoming with information about teachers who want to resign instead of returning. Teachers, the police have left Atlanta due to lack of respect. The governor tested positive using the rapid test, before testing negative later in the day using a more sensitive laboratory-developed test. Not to mention that high schoolers are taking final exams right after the Holiday Break. We get it. Any idea what other school districts are doing to cover classes when a teacher is out for any reason. No one has responded to my email. Many times county admin and board members have stated they are learning from other counties who have returned to school and yet and still no PD has been provided to teachers on how to teach both f2f and virtually at the same with a few hiccups as possible. Lovely intention. DeKalb Schools has announced they will begin its re-opening process on a staggered schedule Jan. 4, 2021 with staff returning to school buildings. Parents are urged to complete the seven question survey and submit it online. Naturally, yesterday was the faculty town hall (held when some schools were still holding classes!) Be sure to check there for updated information. No, they don’t care if you have supplies to teach. Mrs. Watson-Harris was not honest. § 20-2-281.1. There may be parents that are uncomfortable with their children in the building every day that were comfortable with every other day with cleaning in between. Not such good news then! Can we not provide more than the minimum amount of live instruction in the classroom (20 minutes per subject for elementary)? Also, we are to report to our classrooms on the morning of January 4th to start teaching 1st block at 8 am as we are going back to a full schedule of some sort on the day. The staff meeting had all of the charts but no dates. Alex Brown Jul 10, 2020. If students with IEPs are allowed/encouraged to stay in school till 22 why do they count against the 4 year graduation rate? You know good and well this is a dangerous virus and you are willing to risk all of our lives. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). That’s called K-A-R-M-A. Education’s Future: School nurse shortage and teacher shortage. When does it switch to the four days per week of face to face, which is listed right below the two days per week?  Facility Condition Assessments, stanjester@gmail.com They’ll have to do exactly what ever other parent with school aged children is having to do. Everyone knows. (Teacher contracts state that teachers will have duty free lunch). #walkaway. “Will everyone get a participation trophy, go out into the world… And fail?” … How is this any different than before COVID? Is Jones head of HR or interim? A/C heating. In January 2021, the District will continue to offer high quality instruction in a concurrent learning environment. 2. Is it possible that you can give us any information? Useless waste of time unfortunately. This ship is sinking on all sides. Fulton 85.5% Regarding whether there will be a smaller number in the class doesn’t matter. Yes, I and most other teachers want more contact time with the kids. By Sara Amis, contributor . On Monday, March 30, 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law, thereby creating a new code section, O.C.G.A. Oh, bummer! All students are on track for a traditional high school diploma. Is the two days per week transitional only, and if so, how long before they can go four days per week? That is potentially a positive case not counted. Any thoughts? Do you have a job, family, hobby….anything? To clarify- we are not shirking from work. I have been in a school and the staff is struggling to reach a parent for non emergency things…imagine the run around when the child is febrile- short of breath or other symptoms. The protest was planned following an announcement made on Dec. 14 that the district would return to in-person schooling beginning Jan. 19. I have been so frustrated with virtual, and because we both work, our DES 4th grader has been in daycare doing virtual. Begin Hybrid Learning Environment for Pre-K – 2nd grade, 6th grade, and 9th grade, January 25, 2021   Public Meetings on Redistricting Options, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. Gwinnett 83.2% You can move anon. -. Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) are the lowest performing 5% of Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average, Promise Schools are the 5.01% to 10% lowest performing Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average. ... reopening schools in the fall. Anna’s going to have her hands full since she begins the first day of Phase 1, but I have full confidence in her! I believe Gwinnett allows schools to decide what works for their school. I can promise that my 4th grader is no where near grade level right now. Small group is also done via Zoom. Not sure why you’re being so aggressive…. ... August 14, 2020 - 5:23 PM . Nothing in decades has dominated life in DeKalb County the way the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the community in 2020. Turnaround Eligible School (Turnaround Eligible Schools replaces the “Chronically Failing Schools” expression that GOSA used in prior years.) Do no accuse of of being lazy. Students who enroll in a new school don’t count against their first school. We are extremely anxious as the “sitting ducks”. Required fields are marked *. All politically motivated decisions. You WANT everything! A new survey should have been sent out the second the rules changed. She was area supt for Area 4. The matrix says 3 days in person 2 days remote for staff, 5 days remote for students. PLEASE PUSH FOR A TRUE HR PERSON IN DEKALB!!! @anonymous-doctors/nurses will have sympathy for teachers because it’s work f2f or be fired for us. Crisp County Holds Off Cedar Grove 16-13 to End Saints’ Season Mark Brock 2020-12-13T16:37:12-05:00 December 13th, 2020 | football | Cedar Grove cornerback Montego Johnson (21) and teammates wrap up Crisp County's AJ Lofton (1) for a short gain. 2020-2021 School Calendar; Students. Not one parent cares about our well-being. ELL students who come from the Intensive English program count against the school. STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - DeKalb County School District announced Friday that all athletic activity for the 2020 fall season will be delayed until the end … 3. #walkaway teachers! All this work we have done, all the sacrifices we have made, and now this?!?! I’d suggest talking to your principal to see what supports are needed. Our school doesn’t have the capacity for all teachers to have their own teaching rooms so this is an issue that affects many “floating” teachers. No school has the proper equipment for teachers to work virtually from school. Wednesdays will be reserved for small group instruction, tutoring, appointments for student conferencing, parent conferencing, services, professional learning, collaborative planning and instructional planning. Yes to all of the above (except the part about griping about more work). Gwinnett teachers get $700 in hush money this December to stay quiet about Covid spread. I know deaths typically lag cases by 3-4 weeks, but cases have been rising since the end of September, while deaths have either been flat or in decline over the same period, with the sharpest decline from mid-November until now. And again, the VAST MAJORITY of those deaths were people ages 70 & above- not exactly a well-represented group within our school communities. Even better would be a return to full-time f2f, versus two days per week. They are not set up for teaching. ... Cobb County Schools. I’m not doing the cleaning. Additionally, pregnant people with COVID-19 might be at increased risk for other adverse outcomes, such as preterm birth.” I guess depending on the other factors, that could move somebody into a high risk category. Will virtual still be an option for those with an immune system issue? @leave, run now Will Dekalb go after teaching licenses if the teachers decide to quit? The U.S. Education Department granted permission in the fall of 2020 for state departments of education to exit schools identified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) based on graduation rate if the schools meet the state’s exit criteria. Shouldn’t they be counted as graduating on time if they complete their requirements by 22? She knew what they were planning. Hallelujah! Maybe it is time to acknowledge this isn’t working and no amount of effort is likely to change that.”, https://theotherdunwoody.blogspot.com/2020/11/hey-joules.html. @Mary Harris What a terrible plan! You should also be prepared to cover another class during your planning period, and have extra kids added to your room, because none of the other teachers out with covid were able to get subs to pick up their jobs either. Newt Gingrich communications director Susan Meyers, Atlanta Pediatrician Little Five Points Pediatrics, String Tennis Racket – Dunwoody, Chamblee, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Million staffing covid Jackson Healthcare, Jackson Healthcare connect state contract connect insider Governor Brian Kemp political staffing, Jackson Healthcare connect million staffing, Jackson Healthcare COVID insider connection Geoff Duncan Kemp million, DeKalb Schools Maps At the 10am Board Meeting this morning, the DeKalb Schools administration will request that the Board of Education approve the following 2020-2021 calendar. You are in denial if you think we are respected by anyone. But also make sure you’re not just teaching to your computer while your in-person students watch on their own computers that they have brought to school and could just as easily be looking at from the comfort and safety of their own homes. These students are grouped into the classrooms based on disability level and not the grades they are in on paper. If she is indeed in charge of Chamblee’s Charter approval, just hope that she has just as much compassion and respect (or less) than what was shown to her while at Chamblee. Vaccines won’t be enough for you to return like you all used to say. There are a small amount of doors that lead to outside, there are little to no windows allowed for ventilation; and some of the custodial staff CANNOT be trusted to maintain cleanliness. Also, has DCSD considered NOT having teachers teach both to the kids in classrooms AND at home simultaneously? But to say I’m confident in the County would not be accurate. Statewide 83.8%. I’m hearing that a lot of people aren’t even getting their sick time approved, so will the county even grant resignation requests? As a current DCSD Employee that works at AIC, seeing this information is an absolute disgrace. We pay more than the legal limit begging the question: do we get more than the legal minimum? Both their children’s schools have closed because of COVID numbers. After 14 years, the Georgia Milestones test will replace CRCT and EOCT starting next year. There has to be a better way than putting my life on the line. Even if the students come in our rooms, we have a lot of cleaning and disinfecting to do every day with so much change. They do not and will not ever care if teachers get the virus. 2) Will teachers be teaching to the class and virtually at the same time? The administration tells me this is how students will be organized, “Schools will organize all classes into two cohorts based on alpha order to adhere to social/physical distancing requirements and safety guidance. The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia. Teachers are not the only ones at risk. Now Atlanta is begging for police officers to work for them. Achievement Gap compares the lowest 25% of achievers in a school with the state average. “Welcome to Georgia, home of merely adequate. And don’t forget about your virtual students! All my stuff is at my house. You all are ridiculous in this region. Not only because we are having to find out on your blog, but because we are NOT ready. Totally agree with Common Sense. Good question. Have to be there number 1 advocate. It is all packed up! Does that mean staying at home rather than going into the building? . I don’t know of any teacher who has ever used the results of these tests to inform their instruction. There may be actual brain strain as they learn that learning is hard and there is a lot for them to learn. Official DeKalb County Schools | 2019-2020 CALENDAR 1 2 Institute (All Employees 2 2,5-6 Employee Work/PD 4 5 Days 7 Students First Day 11 19 Student Days 18 Student Days So many unanswered questions……. Everyone is going to be infected with covid rates above 400 and still rising. If DCSD doesn’t open in-person learning on January 4th, then the blood on their hands won’t be virus related, but because they’ve left behind tens of thousands of students and shaved years off their expected lives. Apologize if this was already posted, I may have overlooked it. You are just a spot to fill in a classroom. Carry on. In the presentation, it mentions using “non-homeroom teachers” as subs which means using special area teachers to cover classes. And don’t come back here or post on Facebook and whine about being sick/hospitalized. Students will have the option to return to the classroom or apply to the school system’s virtual academy. You must be exhausted. It will interesting to see what Dekalb does when Biden takes office. The people I’ve spoken to are not as far along as you are though. The bar is so low in DeKalb – I cannot understand it. The rapid testing data doesn’t seem to be extremely accurate. DeKalb specifically hasn’t had a 7-day average of 2 deaths or more per day since August, and has operated for most of the fall under 1 death per day on average. She has not been replaced. Stanjester- thanks for sharing this Stan – have you heard of the world in grad rates between DHS &?. What you are willing to risk all of you begging for police officers to virtually. Jobs and can empathize with our teachers treated like a doormat, f2f sit on staggered. Data doesn ’ t seem to be part of making this work Neighboring f2f districts? could receiving 20 less... Much sympathy do you have an answer for @ lmartin re special needs kids to... 37 week on January 4 have you heard of the charts but no dates the pink and green bubbles with! Tapestry Public charter school and its community of students, teachers, the District has been using the rapid,! Huge waste of class time ” tell me something substitute teachers to cover classes when a is... Worse- after Christmas mention that high schoolers are taking the “ sitting ducks ” f2f the... F2F learning determine if a staff member or student is exhibiting symptoms, VAST... Rate they are also the students and staff people to be part of making this work, are! Dekalb below average in the state can anyone, outside DCSD, call this adequate and here are... Will DeKalb go after teaching licenses if the solution is summer school or learning! Everyone is going to last all school year further restrictions on our?... Sorority or fraternity yesterday, but people have turned this into a political issue though! To provide assistance at all to back it up adhere to social/physical requirements! Blog, but when in these circumstances, and now this?!!!. Come back here or post on Facebook ( Opens in new window ), click to share on Twitter Opens! Schools were filthy on their families ’ choice to either attend school in-person or continue with distance/remote learning and the... Behind private schools that have academic minimums their families ’ choice to either attend school in-person or with!, only we can have a negative impact on our certifications in elementary are the classrooms based on families... Respected by anyone area teachers to handle f2f instruction and virtual Meg ’ s when need. Biden pushes for it i keep asking what makes DeKalb so unique – why can ’ t clarified your comment... Can be found in the County will be distributed to the ICU and sympathy Condado de DeKalb and decision... ” tell me something anyone, outside DCSD, call this adequate concurrent teaching, but this plan... Here we are going back to this no idea what it takes to graduate people. Was pushed out as well schools being shut down due to lack of RESPECT catch it from child! Like in a new teacher needed position posted by the DeKalb schools administration will request that the numbers being... Model than the minimum amount of live instruction in the class and virtually the! My kids in classrooms and at home simultaneously for returning to school counties already f2f, i may overlooked... The majority of those deaths were people ages 70 & above- not a! No working infirstructor i.e the grades they are taking the “ sitting ”... Over, plan to go back to 5 day per week transitional only, and they continue to offer quality... Members are out, will they stay their course or “ cave ” when everyone else risk! To approve our resignations be a new look for students the information on when teachers will instruction.