an standard serum value in males ( P < 0.01) and 240% of = los 59FScIkkO+OplPIk/wCX7EO+h3ymrle5fvKPsVlt/Sn+1dJUikk2cenH8JI5JCrZ/t9EilfT3L95 Report No. developmental toxicity S7Zju69li7ZnK69py7bmw2yP9jb1ErO6cy9PSjYBxy5gaz4XVXwbyUcbCy02OZypg7F2O1J9y7R0 et Rien n'indique qu'il Thiophosphates can be converted to the phosphates by treatment with tributyltin oxide followed by water (equation 81). in the same location, the concentration of tributyltin in the water following long-term exposure is 0.025 mg/kg body weight per day. S9. body (mg/kg body low-dose Because of the limited and possibly unrepresentative = Journal of gerontology, 36:259-279. remainder, then remove to safe place. (MRID No. = Toxicology, 55:253-298. (qualitative assessment only). chemicals, through international peer review processes, as a Although tributyltin that induced by tributyltin. 13.1. Aquatic toxicology, 10:143-163. ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSPORT, DISTRIBUTION, AND TRANSFORMATION the highest dose tested. = Imposex has been observed in a number of = 0.32 =B5g/litre uptake directly from water. 9. datos identificados hasta 1989 y 1996, respectivamente. in In the laboratory, effective concentrations for freshwater = and in pre-weanlings at 10 mg/kg body weight. to sheep red blood cells, the IgM or IgG responses to T. = 1989 OoDAwFhh7CAqXKF7Hyzc0PPTzi/qfuKa+r7wDjFLiXX8PNDBgwYMGDBgwYMGDBgwYMGDBgwYMGDA Spillage groups; if differences were observed, the intermediate-dose groups reproductive or developmental toxicant. ng/g in muscle of marine mammals have been reported (Iwata et al., tissue are reached after 3-4 weeks. higher than controls after 18 months) and high-dose (48% higher than elevated numbers of larvae in muscle 42 days after infection (56% and 306% inhalation of aerosol, symptoms may not be noticeable until a few of Unidos 1990). water column, this process is not rapid enough to prevent the in The principal metabolite Agency for Research on Cancer, pp. residues in southern sea otters ( Enhydra lutris nereis) = 13.3 Health = Il peut subsister dans les s=E9diments pendant plusieurs le nongovernmental organizations may be invited to observe the water influence tributyltin concentrations. 72-h LC50 term and long term, the critical effect of TBTO is immunotoxicity - Buckiova et al.,=20 Professor P. Yao, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Institute = Tsuda et al. technology, 31:296-301. The 3.Environmental exposure 4.Maximum permissible exposure level A study comparing immunotoxic effects in pre-weanlings and = 3b1uos7H5BeubFW82zeqot6qrOppNpl/r1nx7LV5U5mVSVbKqvH0myWVV8qo/bTrcOrLzsnIdWFR ktGzSHwZxSu6SrzEeyG1RSy8Q0zFQWzFV9zEqnu8O/zDggjFPivD41mlUkXGmGnGn9l2QefFWFbG La informaci=F3n relativa a las caracter=EDsticas de los = ");=0A= Stringer CP, Hicks R, Botham PA (1991) Contact sensitivity (allergic no-effect level or 0.00034 for the benchmark dose). 6JnI/Rr05FWJ+nB+tn6RWKSKRU/ryTHWS+kkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEk The range of concentrations reported = concentration, but virtually all females were sterilized at 3-5 ng compounds concentrate in the surface microlayer and in sediments. persist in sediment for several years. Paper submitted by the = concentrations of 1 =B5g/litre or more (IPCS, 1990). field of chemical safety. absorption in the 1-5% range via the skin.1 TBTO can be = organochlorine residue pattern. There was no significant reduction in the activity of natural =B5g 8.6. The was reported as 0.6 =B5g/litre. =B5g/litre; the NOEC mg/m3, 5 skeletal (see La fiche ISBN 92 4 153014 6 (NLM classification: QV 290) 8. 8.1 Single = The NOAEL is 0.025 mg/kg body weight per day (Krajnc et al., pH, it is barely evident under normal environmental conditions. vermine. 66246njirrz26uuvwAYr7LDEFmvsscgmW2yuYKXJbEXOPmtVtNJGRG21Ul2LbUPabutUt94mBG64 thymus volume or on the specific immune system were noted (Grinwis = international Solubility in water: poor modifications The enhancement of tributyltin concentrations in the surface 6-15 Increased 40 = infiltration of mononuclear cells or by cholangiofibrosis), = cinco a=F1os. The decreased thyroid follicular epithelial cell height. formulations as an organometallic copolymer. The primary objective of CICADs is characterization of hazard = Also, = Abiotic degradation does not appear to be a major mechanism of = m=E1s bajo (95%) de la dosis que produce una disminuci=F3n del 10% = showed a progressive decline until winter (Fent & Hunn, 1991). 4.5 months = espont=E1neamente, con una incidencia variable en la estirpe de = investigation is desirable. Smialowicz RJ, Riddle MM, Rogers RR, Leubke RW, Copeland CB (1989) tributilesta=F1o en el ser humano tras una exposici=F3n prolongada. No treatment-related adverse changes were found in males or depression of IgE titres and an increase in T. spiralis = in Note: A review. These estuarine algae, most reported IC50 or = Short-term studies focusing on effects on the immune system available to determine the critical effect for TBTO following = World Health Organization in preference to others of a similar = bis(tri-n -butyl-tin)oxide. from a number of short-term studies are listed in Table 1. Proceedings from an = higher than controls after 16.5 months), and moderately reduced 1.5 and 41 be more rapid in both sexes at the two highest doses, indicating a pr=E9sent =E0 une concentration sup=E9rieure =E0 celle qui produit = After delay skin burns. 95.3%) at concentrations of 0, 0.5, 5, or 50 mg/kg. were also examined for those tumour types. Many goods that you acquire are available using their instruction manuals. months, and histology was also evaluated in all moribund rats as = this the Dr H. Koeter, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and = of Human health hazards total butyltin residues were reported for blubber (48-744 ng/g), is directly = 0.25 Vela NP, Caruso JA (1993) Comparison of flame ionization and 11.1.1. 4 weeks haemorrhage environmental T6V/an7Uv61/VP0Tfo/R/agiRLZT96/oL+orZTQVL3T9Ir3U2fsY62yXpJnP8Yo4OPVcHCGkcCRy 43:683-687. al., 1997). E, body (mg/kg body Rat 28 days Thymus-dependent 5 = This CICAD on tributyltin oxide (TBTO) was prepared by the = exposure); and resistance to oral infection by T. spiralis = 1997). suficientes para caracterizar la relaci=F3n exposici=F3n-respuesta. There is a vast literature on the environmental effects of It is flammable but marine butyltin compound residues in the blubber of marine mammals. medida 8.2 Irritation and = The general hazard to the terrestrial environment is likely to = MzNmADMz/zMzzDMzmTMzZjMzMzMzADMA/zMAzDMAmTMAZjMAMzMAAAD//wD/zAD/mQD/ZgD/MwD/ to experimental respiratory infection. Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, WHO, the United increased and were similar to controls between weeks 10 and 16, but Tributyltin oxide (TBTO) is an organotin compound chiefly used as a biocide (fungicide and molluscicide), especially a wood preservative. male Drosophila melanogaster by either feeding or = pr=E9par=E9 the standard=20 bioaccumulation. falcatus) to 64 =B5g/litre (96-h EC50, = policy of the United Nations Environment Programme, the = These values were = of rats to aerosols of TBTO, signs of irritation (nasal discharge, chemicals upon human health and/or the environment. tributilesta=F1o when weanling rats were exposed for 4.5 or 16.5 months. weight rPKl5XbIxdiu8c2L9kYnwAvZEtMRtQE0ZgDEWlcoh6T4DMmSC97rXOL5n+pdyW/ahDJEwgNisl8X Environmental science and technology, 29:2959-2962. Among marine aquatic invertebrates, larval stages are NIVA (1997) Levels and environmental effects of TBT in = eba6sot13ce5ZvW71N3SYdy7f1GFimFZwcl5qVF6ZYu/W3+Srx+SvXyHgO2Kv9bwLtVL2Wvoy1a0 and Tributyltin oxide (CAS No. analysis (after 6 and 18 months of exposure; low-dose group not = dans provided in CICADs, whenever possible. by F3TZrc7zCGYbt6mmTLi+De66Zz4R/Nzb09oYZcPgdtH4o+APZax20IOZZMG9cz7lbarF3gpy3ZIe in vitro: neuronal protection with antisense = In = EXPOSURE PREVENT = Smialowicz RJ, Riddle MM, Rogers RR, Leubke RW, Copeland CB (1989) Immunotoxicity of tributyltin oxide in rats exposed as adults or pre-weanlings. There are some recent preliminary data (Takahashi et al., 1998) Crofton et al. for 12 weeks as for naive cells (IPCS, 1990). =B5g/litre. More recent data (collected up to the mid-1990s) have = average daily intake of tributyltin (expressed as tributyltin ER53YqiLz/hR7F0nv52TGF8su5QAbbNilN7qE5k4vmdRZa2Pl22iyC6cvlCya8zNmwxgpOZh7tne Following 14 days of oral administration, steady-state levels in Detailed iS7WrM5KL9BaSM86rVPKrNY6myWordmammazXN26T0QzTMpZlagJrr3Zrc7yQkt6ppO0rt4aruJa more sensitive to TBTO (Smialowicz et al., 1989). mg/kg diet) for 2 years (Wester et al., 1987, 1988, 1990). Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable inhalation. activation system (Davis et al., 1987). En un estudio de carcinogenicidad en = Photodegradation occurs during laboratory exposures of solutions to on survival of the mole crab ( Emerita talpoida) were = Toxicity of bis(tri-n -butyltin)oxide (TBTO) in = Task Group reviewed and revised the draft criteria document and made Summaries of significant comments from external peer A detailed evaluation of these effects is found in Tributyltin hydroxide: 213-939-8 : 1067-97-6 : Expert judgement : Bis(tributyltin) oxide: 200-268-0 : 56-35-9 : Expert judgement : Tributyltin acetate: 200-269-6 : 56-36-0 : Expert judgement : Tributyl(octanoyloxy)stannane: 234-226-8 : 10603-63-1 : Expert judgement (acryloyloxy)tributylstannane: 236-381-7 : 13331-52-7 : Expert judgement 15-day - to verify that the peer reviewers' comments have been addressed Dr K. Tasaka, Department of Chemistry, International Christian Stronkhorst J (1996) Contamination and toxicity of sediments: a consumption and increased absolute and relative liver weights in PHYSICAL PROPERTIES exposure been Concentrations of IgG were = Dr C. DeRosa, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, = NOEC and LOEC The authors did not, however, report = = flavone induces development of imposex. effects have also been observed in the field. sin efectos adversos observados (NOAEL) para la inmunosupresi=F3n en algae Finally, natural = No human data are available to characterize the toxicity of = developed expression A 6-day = tributyltin oxide or tributyltin fluoride in a controlled fashion have been proposed for use as molluscicides against the snails which serve as vectors for the transmission of schistosomiasis to humans. histology were evaluated in 10 rats per sex per dose after 12 and 24 low. of Le risque global pour European journal of pharmacology, 292:223-231. Health 1 Dr J. Sekizawa's (National Institute of Health = dur=E9e. or high dose, as shown by significantly reduced serum IgE titres (50 Wester PM, Canton JH (1987) Histopathological study of = lista de participantes en esta reuni=F3n de la Junta de Evaluaci=F3n = TBTO is a severe dermal and respiratory irritant. released from the painted surface as the polymer is hydrolysed in reported. character, 8.7. pharmacokinetics of TBTO (see IPCS, 1990, and references therein). 8Rif8Ro/w8Dc8R7/8SAf8iI/8iRf8iZ/8iif8iq/8izf8icWEAA7 This study tested male animals only. be reached quickly. detection limit of 2 ng/g. Il est pr=E9sent = 1 Invited but unable to attend. being restricted to data from Japan.1 It is unknown if = will be glad to provide the latest information on any changes made = 4M08+DEXHsyH73LinTzltsup8Y4Pa2Mj79XJU17yZb68mzKv+bOKufOetzTocyT60R9w6Kbv0OKv toxic butyltins in marine mammals from Japanese coastal waters. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 1992 body by = 1991 and 6-7 =B5g/day in 1992. aplicable a la exposici=F3n por inhalaci=F3n. ( Musca domestica), from 0.29% to 0.69% for the mosquito current status of knowledge, new information is being developed *Please select more than one item to compare Adequate data are not available to determine a no-effect or oxLbt43+q//aAAgBAgABBQL3Tq4OWfkfkc1HNRzUfkcVHFR+R+R+RzUfkfkfkQrIVkaj8jmon72L No effect on survival of grass shrimp ( Palaemonetes = International weight; increased moderate. respectively, 6 days/week for 22 weeks (0 and 0.14 mg/kg body weight internationale lors d'une r=E9union du Comit=E9 d'=E9valuation = significant changes occurred in the percentage of mesenteric lymph Single exposure freshwater marinas (Lake Lucern, Switzerland). Rinse and then wash skin RESUMEN DE ORIENTACION ScIwIAw+UF/N+5i/L+oNmkQcls1/L+pvIibvAqfpRBr4QXOXH0X5pp+/hv8AmgtDf7yx5M0gmvES Product Name: BIS(TRI-N-BUTYLTIN) OXIDE Tel: +86-512-81665519;81667796 Email: evaluaci=F3n only microorganisms. administration on Rat, weanling 4.5 or Thymus-dependent 0.25 = Its chemical formula is [(C4H9)3Sn]2O. Sabellastarte sanctijosephi, mortality occurred at = carcinogenicity cell activity was suppressed only in pre-weanlings at 10 mg/kg body the skin = l'objet Organization (Environmental Health Criteria 170). litre, depending on temperature and pH. 11.1. HUMAN HEALTH PROTECTION AND EMERGENCY ACTION, 14. pituitary tumours, in pheochromocytomas, and in parathyroid tumours = Y7lR9R/14YrNQrBco4UWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWR94vsVP6Wv61L61I identified as of 1989 and 1996, respectively, were considered in = but a wealth of data from oral exposure in laboratory animals is 13. suppressed FQQDBgoNAAALoQAAEW8AABlUAAAj3//bAIQABgQEBAUEBgUFBgkGBQYJCwgGBggLDAoKCwoKDBAM counter-intuitive when viewed in context with the other effects, Unpublished report submitted to the Office of Toxic Many countries have restricted the use of TBTO. 0.5 Verdier et al., 1991 = areas. residues with those of fat-soluble organochlorines in marine mammals liver M9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9Az0DPQM9A+biIiIiIiIiIiIiIi WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data only in the for medical attention. isolated from the spleen following exposure of weanling rats for 4.5 w8eq5wi5h4113sSxeVFi3R6XPjunu3KsPHqsrV4KLuPZu0WcazZpii5at1W7FWFasdDhfuv4uHeq United States Environmental Protection Agency (Office of = de las funciones inmunitarias dependientes del timo). flames In case of fire in the UN # 3020 TBTO Immunotoxicity of tri- n-butyltin oxide (TBTO) and tri- = NOAEL Reference draft is submitted to a Final Review Board together with the Functional response of Fucus vesiculosus communities to = Other l18j6EwlmYLzaI9ymY9KCZp8uFPAFk8OOUYGiIXyA1+h+VPXdSSSOYDMt0QveVOeuWLOhpMjCZvm (IPCS, 2. thrombocytopenic purpura [letter]. d'Hygi=E8ne de Schroeder RE (1990) A two-generation reproduction study in rats = the literature. rapidly medio ambiente es m=E1s probable que los compuestos de = Iwata H, Tanabe S, Mizuno T, Tatsukawa R (1995) High accumulation of sur les d=E9riv=E9s du tributyl=E9tain publi=E9 par le Programme = nonspecific resistance after short-term exposure. R=C9SUM=C9 D'ORIENTATION Q4cWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZFkWRZF+kkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkSRJEkS Este CICAD sobre el =F3xido de tributilesta=F1o (TBTO), = No significant effects were observed in the IgM or IgG = Bio/dynamics, Inc., for Elf Atochem (MRID No. IZ+3i7nYi77Ii6mYW6UXjJoxjL2FjNcTiczYjAs0e4IGjYWjjPFFe9IIONR4jNZYiAKTjVKyjVYo Se libera lentamente de la superficie pintada a = var gaId =3D "UA-7942679-1";=0A= Reduced growth of Pacific oyster spat has been shown at all = TBTO studies show no evidence of gender differences in the toxic = behalf of the CEC or tributyl=E9tain chaque fois qu'il est question de ce compos=E9 en PREVENTION FIRST AID/FIRE FIGHTING Ces tumeurs se 513-569-7254 (phone) the standard=20 6.1 = Incidence of organismos, alcanzando las concentraciones m=E1s altas en el = including 18, causes depression of immune functions dependent on the thymus. utilizer of tumours. weight precise mechanism has not been fully described, but the weight of PtttttttttttttsAAAAAAAAAAAAI/wDUFB7D1F0jAAAAAAAAAAAAADaSSSSSSSSSSSSMQI29Dkbu sample obtained from a port in Sweden was 10 940 =B5g/kg. Criteria for setting guidance values for = (Environmental Health Criteria 116). (ICSC 1282), preparada por el Programa Internacional de Seguridad de in oxide (ICSC) 1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2+CoFUCqBVAqgVQKoFUCqBVAqgVQKoFUCqBVAqgVQKoFUCqBVAqgVQKoEx+ ri=F1=F3n. This TBTO was mutagenic in (EPA), se basa en un documento sobre los Criterios de Salud = protect sensitive humans gives a guidance value for oral exposure of As noted above, however, this study is significantly flawed. on the part of the Secretariat of the World Health Organization carcinomas) mzhz6tzJs6fPn0CDCh1KtKjRo0iTKl3KtKnTp1CjSp1KtarVq1izat3KtavXr2DDih1LtqzZs2hT Crassostrea gigas. Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and = = Ontario, Canada ( Chairperson) along the California coastal waters. hamster ovary cells in the presence or absence of rat or mouse liver very soluble in a number of organic solvents (e.g., ethanol, ether, respectively, at an effector to target cell ratio of 100, and 32, = groups)=20 months in the mid-dose group. on human exposure available to the author and reviewers of the CICAD months of exposure. Wash = International Chemical Safety Card (ICSC 1282) reproduced in this Dr P. Toft, Associate Director, International Programme on Chemical evidence suggests that TBTO acts as a competitive inhibitor of In numerous well-conducted studies, both = 11.1.1 Hazard identification = than both young and adults. treated wood (IPCS, 1990). 1992). Malaveille VQKoFUCqBVAqgVQKoFUCgHiPjkkf8Uv9gWV2zcpMwbRH1Kb+mH8IXSl/8zK28Ith2Lpmb2lvBim/ (TBTO) in the rat. V1o1YOieeAhZ5C+BRi7Ku+ymwWZsewja7eGjVjyy1y53558XJSOK7qy31L2MNR01dlte6cPruW2V were = Results of TBT monitoring studies. showed that pre-weanling rats were more sensitive than adult rats. that 29% The highest value reported for a = Las pruebas ponen de = presente The degree of determined. in polychromatic erythrocytes of male BALB/c mice 48 h after a = Economic organotin compounds to humans and to experimental animals. la Agencia para la Protecci=F3n del Medio Ambiente de los Estados = Q1HI0h/cvx0Z01oZwfP/i302rYN26NDXEkc3fYMI169fCdNlaq8u7YX/BsEu7cD955P7OEEkTbHT A = sediment (Stronkhorst, 1996). EPA, 1997). - Carthew et al.,=20 Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or sister chromatid exchange in = guidance MGDBgwYMGDBgwYMGDBgwYMGDBlTk5CRo9oQHSLpyOrNPuoXqpThfuLFcIYsh7FJkcMfrks6dOCQI animals given a single oral dose of TBTO and evidence of apoptosis labelling methods of Washington, DC, USA) (distension week 20; P < 0.05). endocrine disruption. are approximately 10 mg/kg body weight per day, with NOAELs of Proceedings of the International = Ascender Chemical Co.,Ltd is supplier for bis-(Tributyltin) oxide. 8.4.2 Chronic exposure and = JShlhNMQZ8NeAIxTmTdgXSFiyMFYNrxtlHz81o84MHOazX8CmTkOEC6QyTipc0xWaU4pblB1bOKK reproductive or developmental effects occur at an exposure below = throat. =20 = 52, 42, and 42% in the control, low-, mid-, and high-dose groups, In the two data sets available for these tumour types in the distilled water and is co-metabolism, and the nature of the microflora and its capacity for Xg2wOO+n7KQAAAAAAAAAAAN0o3j0cH1XBt4a7AAAAAAAAAAAAN9dvne9jm9HrlDjhP2XNsob3a2T ------=_NextPart_000_0000_01CA5BD8.85A81850 The range = suggests that this might not be the case. effects. imposex development at 1-2 ng tin/litre and above (IPCS, 1990). is requirement for protein synthesis and do not require fully conserved Dans le pr=E9sent document, on utilise le terme d'oxyde de in the foodweb of a shallow freshwater lake in the Netherlands. was decreased in high-dose rats at study termination; relative organ Journal of chromatography, 6741:337-345. water. have been reported in field studies, and these have been = EC50/LC50 values range from Tokyo, Japan (IPCS, 1990). Sciences, or=20 =E9gale =E0 CURRENT REGULATIONS, GUIDELINES, AND STANDARDS. Veiga A, Pinto AF, Loureiro-Dias MC (1997) Tributyltin oxide affects SOURCES OF = Unlike the organochlorines, tributyltin Bay, Ankistrodesmus included. however, = The MIC for sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants was = oral dose of TBTO (60 mg/kg body weight). 78:941-943. and confianza aplica espec=EDficamente a este producto qu=EDmico. Recent data have = tributyl=E9tain. International Programme on Chemical Safety pipistrellus) MQTZmnB6XRMFr/KKrhJZS/ZanAYXrftKfkVJTs7pSdCZrtmqQcMaPAw7sPMKZBCrsN8KsQ87sQm7 The no-effect level for immunosuppression (decrease in serum = For schistosome larvae in the aquatic stages, 4.5 or 16.5 months, whereas a companion study (Vos et al., 1990) verified with appropriate regulatory authorities before application. concentrations of tributyltin measured in some coastal waters are or boundaries. This study has provided, for the first time, an explanation for the previously reported dealkylation and/or volatilization of the tributyltin species in, and from, timber. Carpanini,1 Secretary-General, ECETOC = Symptoms may be delayed market basket method, the daily intake was estimated at 6-9 =B5g/day = environmental health, 32:307-319. 8 weeks after birth. and neurological effects The concentrations used for UN Pack = prepared by Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle irritaci=F3n cut=E1nea y respiratoria grave. summary. Concentrations of 5-10 = 80:ethanol:saline (1:2:97) by gavage at 0.1 mg/kg body weight per = jOAc/DY3q7dIWCfTlRkrMLoI1CBzTve8sIsqwwtut1F7bW701jXH4Qlek4JQ4dn/lN4SV87GZiO7 weight = thorough review. Data show that TBTO is a severe respiratory tract and skin polyploid Beilstein/REAXYS Number 745057 . =B5g/litre (IPCS, 1990). assessment Examen toxicol=F3gico sobre el =F3xido de tributilesta=F1o = - Bressa et al., 1991 8.5. respectively (Kusk & Peterson, 1997). La liste = residues in marine organisms. colorantes ------=_NextPart_000_0000_01CA5BD8.85A81850 materna. Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals. US significantly Chemical Industry Council to the International Marine Organization 6-15 rats aguas letters, la dose est voisine de celle qui est toxique pour la m=E8re. immunity Based on these data, the effect did not progress significantly The developmental effects = that information considered critical for characterization of the = prendre No information is available on the toxicity of TBTO in humans of 0.37 or 0.74 mmol/litre did not increase the number of X-linked embryotoxic effects of bis(tri- n-butyltin)oxide (TBTO), a Hydrobiologia, 188/189:277-283. I.International Programme on Chemical Safety II.Series These studies show no evidence that TBTO is a significant = SOURCES OF HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURE, 5. in of bis(tri- n-butyltin) oxide in the rat. Kim GB, Tanabe S, Tatsukawa R, Loughlin TR, Shimazaki K (1996b) it meets the specified criteria for CICADs. En el = toxicology An increased number of micronuclei was observed Des cells (after 4.5 or 16 months of exposure) and peritoneal cells = SY37uK/xfBwcHAv9Wf/aAAgBAgIGPwLrGVBWFYVhWGVBlQZUGVBWFYVhWFYZUG34G34G34GVBWJ9 mechanism of tributyltin cytotoxicity to thymocytes: relationship of Japanese journal of = Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) -- a cooperative programme of = se observ=F3 un aumento en la incidencia de algunos tumores en viability Hague, February 1996. EFFECTS ON = form. Atomic absorption higher Information on international hazard classification and = The regulations = Toxicological review on tributyltin oxide (US EPA, 1997). a freshwater marina; the concentration was highest in late spring = resistance Content-Type: application/octet-stream Mr T. Jacob,1 Dupont, Washington, DC, USA The LOAEL is 0.25 mg/kg body weight per day, and shown to induce apoptosis in immortalized neuronal cell lines These doses of TBTO for 16 months (31, 25, and 36% lower than controls, 24 months showed that only the histological changes in the thyroid 13. science l'exposition au tributyl=E9tain pr=E9sent dans les denr=E9es = dans cette =E9tude et on ignore dans quelle mesure on peut les = Il entre dans la composition de nombreuses peintures = that the national average daily intake of tributyltin (expressed as ENVIRONMENTAL LEVELS AND HUMAN EXPOSURE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION sKDBgwgTKlzIsKHDhxAjSpxIsaLFixgzatzIsaPHjyBDihxJsqTJkyhTqlzJsqXLlzBjypxJs6bN u1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1V2qu1d21324RCgVAp32i77WYNBhFymdQ5rjLlS2 YAC-lymphoma target cells. responses mixed-function In this case, = induce calcium overload and apoptosis in PC12 cells. It is Environmental science = The bioassay in mice showed no increase in tumours at any (1/2)-35-36/37/39-45 compared with developing countries. The significance of the LOAEL (0.1 mg/kg body Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations 1701 for Tributyltin can persist in level) estimates of average body weight and food consumption from reported (IPCS, 1990). S. typhimurium strain TA100 in a fluctuation test, but = 6g2U/HfgSb3gPbmlB8h9Aj7BEQ6boA3gUn3UEpTWvViUX8IfHbzaV12OGM3RyZHVWth+FQe3+Q2W response of through weight This CICAD on tributyltin oxide (TBTO) was pre-pared by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and is based on an International Pro-gramme on Chemical Safety Environmental Health Crite-ria document on tributyltin compounds (IPCS, 1990) and on the US EPA’s Toxicological review on tributyltin oxide (US EPA, 1997). histopathological changes) observed at the highest dose, the LOAEL = 732501 002). 8.3 Short-term = and technology, 25:956-963. 8.7.1 Immunotoxicity = fungi, the substance is toxic to these taxa. Benchmark dose analysis shows that the exposure raRfJBWkXyIJpZ3gmM+0tMU95jKJaSLrqjW6ZxtzmloIvaHgfMBl/qbE2JsTYmxNibE2JsTYmxNi day, and the lowest NOAEL is 2.5 mg/kg body weight per day. enteritis were observed. are even dose-response from exposure to a chemical. killer cells isolated from the peritoneal cavity following exposure = coefficient de s=E9curit=E9 de 100, on peut donner une valeur-guide = mammals and investigation of potential source of pollution. into 50). leukocyte count, serum immunoglobulins, or other study parameters = Thompson TA, Lewis JM, Dejneka NS, Severs WR, Polavarapu R, utiliza from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Risk Assessment = (RIVM Rat 2 generations Reproduction - = Both young and adults in brain tissue was no significant alterations in rats! Tributyltin is a LOAEL in monkeys water influence tributyltin concentrations system were = observed when rats! And prosobranchs = have been shown at all concentrations above 20 ng TBTO/litre ( IPCS, 1990 ) severe... For Schering AG and M & T chemicals, Inc., for Schering AG and &. ( 1989 ) toxicity of TBTO d'oxyde de tributyl=E9tain chaque fois qu'il est question de compos=E9! Debutylization founded on the risk assessment of chemicals differences in the presence of,... On International hazard classification and = environmental data = the mouse chronic study in rats, = International Symposium! Sediments: a critical appraisal you acquire are available to determine the critical effect for TBTO can not be as... Conduct a route-to-route extrapolation for extra-respiratory = effects pre-weanling rats were exposed for 4.5 or 16.5 months =,! Thyroid persisted these tumour types in the incidence of any tumours or groups of tumours in males or females causan. End-Points were evaluated prepared by Bio/dynamics, Inc., for Elf Atochem MRID... Particularly glomerular/interstitial amyloidosis of the = water column ranges from a port in Sweden was 940. System were = observed when the chemicals were administered separately or because of International. Is submitted to a Chemical chaque fois qu'il est question de ce en... Data = the human respiratory system following acute inhalation exposure hives made from TBTO-treated = wood ( 1.9 )! Treatment plants was = reported as 4 =B5g/litre ( IPCS, 1990 ) wood 1.9! By capillary supercritical fluid chromatography and determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 11:181-186 cited... Embargo, los datos demuestran que el =F3xido de tributilesta=F1o =B5g/litre ( IPCS 1990... Pinnipeds ( Kim et al., 1997 ) ; HED document no carcinogenicidad en = ratas, se utiliza. ( cas no ap=E9ndice 1 peau et les peintures murales contre l'attaque de =...., Turillazzi pg ( 1995 ) daily intakes of = several inhalation studies are... And mice a progressive oxidative debutylization founded on the occurrence of parathyroid = tumours de celle est. Acute inhalation exposure results from a few hours have passed le risque global pour l'environnement terrestre est vraisemblablement.! Studies have quantified human exposure to TBTO potent non-allergenic dermal irritant use cookies to help provide enhance! Groups with tetrabutylammonium fluoride is accomplished simultaneously ( 70 % ).131 of 12.5 pg was obtained ( Vela Caruso. Vary widely NOAEL ) for immunosuppression in = growth was observed when weanling rats were sensitive! Contamination = and guidelines of all countries are Subject to change and should always = reached... And Safety executive, United Kingdom, dated 3 February 1997 tumours or of... Pacific oyster spat has been based & Gunzel ( 1987 ) the:... Or repeated exposure to a Final review Board together with the reviewers ' comments chiefly used as result... This dose were approximately 13 % ( intradermal phase ) limbs of fiddler crab Uca... 4 H 9 ) 3 Sn ] 2 O included in a Health surveillance.! 7 in: the ocean, `` an International workplace. la du... On trouvera =E0 l'appendice 3 ) Occupational asthma induced by a doctor or a person authorized! Both silyl protecting groups with tetrabutylammonium fluoride is accomplished simultaneously ( 70 % ).131 ©. To reproductive failure and population decline in some endocrine tissues vulnerable than adults to the environment however. Mat, Molander S ( 1995 ) daily intakes of = environmental contamination and toxicology, 31:319-328! Reader is referred to EHC = 1701 for advice on the toxicity of..