Dawar Rashid
Senior Developer / Enterprise Technical Leadership
  • Name: Dawar Rashid

  • Job: Senior Developer

  • Email: dr@dawar.ca

  • Phone: 647 997 3274

About Me

I'm a dedicated software professional with an extensive track record of developing and deploying robust software solutions. My expertise extends to technologies such as NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, Electron, Linux, Google Cloud, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, and Git. Over the years, I've crafted and enhanced dozens of applications, each designed to meet unique business objectives and generate substantial results.

Known for my exceptional organizational skills and clear communication, I ensure projects run smoothly and all stakeholders remain on the same page. I have a knack for prioritizing effectively and maintaining a laser-focus to consistently deliver impactful outcomes.

As a self-motivated individual and co-founder of a technology startup, my passion for innovation is deeply ingrained. This drive, combined with my practical experience, empowers me to approach challenges from unique perspectives and find creative solutions.

You know that one guy who's incredibly helpful, always seems to have all the answers, and can make things happen even when they appear ridiculously complicated? The one who can tackle seemingly unapproachable tasks and figure them out? I'm that guy.

I'm excited to discuss how I can bring substantial value to your business with my unique blend of skills and experience. Let's connect and explore how we can transform your vision into a successful software solution.


Web Applications

I have been building and scaling web applications for 10 years.

Technical Leadership

I have experience with leading developer teams in the role of CTO.

UX Design

I have a variety of skills in UX design from conception through to development and deployment, testing and iteration.

Project Delivery

I have led and delivered successfully on technical projects (small and large) for over 10 years.

Coding Languages

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • Python

  • C#

  • Rust

  • PHP

Domain-Specific Knowledge

  • Hardware and Software Integration

  • Technical Documentation

  • Digital Signage Technology

  • Self-Checkout Kiosk Technology

  • Payment Processing Integrations

  • Financial Analytics


  • Angular

  • NestJS

  • ExpressJS

  • Bootstrap

  • Material

  • Laravel

Visual Identity

  • Video Production

  • Brand Strategy

  • Product Designs

  • Typography

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Startup to Scale Transitions

  • Role Adaptability

  • Building and Leading Teams

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Entrepreneurial Innovation

  • Scaling Operations

  • Team Management

General Skills

  • Consultative Selling

  • Finance

  • Graphic Design

  • Manufacturing

  • Operations

  • Presentation Decks

  • Quality Assurance

  • Technical Sales


  • Working History

  • Chief Technology Officer - Eflyn

    2019 - Present

    As CTO I have taken a leadership role in significant company-wide initiatives in technology. A notable accomplishment is the development and deployment of the next generation of E Suite, a cloud-based platform for kiosks built with modern technologies that replaced Eflyn's legacy kiosk CMS.

    I bring comprehensive expertise in software development, using technologies like NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript, Electron, Linux, Google Cloud, MySQL, MongoDB, and Docker. Collaboration is a crucial part of my role. Utilizing Git for version control, I have led programming teams with efficiency and clarity, facilitating the smooth operation of development cycles and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software.

    My responsibilities extend to driving the strategic direction of technological innovation within the company. I set development standards, lead complex projects, and ensure that the technology we create aligns with our business goals and provides value to our

  • Senior Designer - Google

    2019 - Present

    As the VP of Kiosk Development at Planaday, I led the implementation of self-service hotel concierge kiosks, revolutionizing the guest experience. My role involved app programming, seamless integration with booking systems, and hardware-software coordination. I ensured flexibility, customization, and flawless performance of the kiosks, contributing to revenue generation and guest satisfaction. My experience at Planaday empowered me to innovate and provide guests with a streamlined, personalized, and efficient means of planning and booking their experiences.

  • SVP Operations - Eflyn

    2016 - 2019

    As SVP Operations, I also successfully launched numerous kiosk projects across the US and Canada. I was at the helm of developing the company's next-generation operations model to scale kiosks as a platform. This comprehensive model covered a multitude of operations, starting from the sourcing of materials to manufacturing kiosk hardware in factories. The scope also included shipping, receiving, and quality assurance in Eflyn's warehouses in Canada and later expanded to the United States. Through efficient provisioning of products, I ensured timely fulfillment of client and project requirements, driving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

    I was also instrumental in streamlining customer support channels at Eflyn. I implemented robust processes and conducted extensive staff training to ensure quick identification and resolution of customer issues, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.